Little Tots Academy Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework 2014 is statutory requirement for all Early Years providers, which is ensuring we are all working with the same standards for the children’s learning, development, health and safety.

The EYFS seeks to provide steady progression within the children’s learning and development through formative and summative assessments to enhance planning the correct environment and resources. Working in partnership with parents to have full knowledge and understanding the child to support and challenge them in all areas of development.

The areas of Development are as follows:

Prime Areas – the Key Skills for children

Personal, Social and Emotional – supporting the children to develop a positive sense of themselves. Having an understanding of their emotions and those of others. Forming relationships and developing social skills.

Physical Development – providing opportunities physical activities and to make healthy choices in relation to food.

Communication and Language – experiencing a rich language environment, giving opportunities for the children to express themselves and be confident. To develop their listening and speaking in different situations

Specific Areas -  support the Prime Areas

Mathematics – providing opportunities for children to be involved in their skills with counting, the use of numbers, mathematical problem solving and shapes and spaces.

Literacy – encouragement of linking sounds and letters, begin to read and write. A variety of contents including poems, books and rhymes to support their interests.

Understanding of the World – children to make sense of their physical world and community. Exploring and finding out about people and places. Investigating technology in different ways.

Expressive Arts and Design – allowing the children to explore and play with a wide variety of media and materials. Sharing their thoughts, ideas and feelings through music, dance, role-play and design.

All children learn through play and it is from this the staff are able to plan relevant activities to progress your child’s skills. Through effective planning, we provide a stimulating, safe and challenging learning environment to enable your child to have the motivation and enthusiasm to progress onto the next stage of their learning. We continue to observe, plan and assess your child and our environment to ensure an effective practice is provided for their learning and development.

Little Tots Academy Ltd support your child in developing their life skills to become confident and independent individuals.