About Little Tots Academy - Childrens Nursery in Consett

Little Tots Academy are committed to providing the highest quality of care and every age group is flexible to meet every child’s needs.

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The Jelly Babies – 0-2 years

We believe our babies need to be nurtured and working closely with the parents to meet their individual needs. The babies have a natural curiosity within the world around them and we use this curiosity to provide stimulating activities and resources for your child to develop. We support their communication through songs, rhymes and sensory activities. Our routine is flexible to suite all their needs with regards sleeping and feeding patterns.

The Jelly Tots – 2-3 years  

The children have the opportunity to use all the areas of the nursery to explore their own interests within their play. The children’s learning and development is encouraged through their interests, using resources to create an environment which challenges them. The activities involved support the children with making relationships with others within their play, through sharing and taking turns.

The Jelly Beans – 3-5 years

Once in the Jelly Beans room, the children are preparing for primary school with adult and child led activities to support their learning in all areas of development. The children are challenged through stimulating activities in small and large groups to actively participate in their own learning. They build on their vocabulary with the effective use of communication when exploring and become interested in making relationships with others through working together on activities. The children become aware of their emotions with support through circle times and sharing events with the group. The children are building their self-esteem with an ‘I can do’ attitude.

Creative Room

We have a large area for the children to use their imagination and creativity to produce their own play and work. They have an opportunity to explore a wide variety of resources using their senses including jelly play and gloop. The children can be who they want to be as they use materials and equipment to dress up to create their own characters. We enjoy movement to music, exploring different sounds and moving our bodies in different ways, having an enjoyment of a variety of music and sounds.

Outdoor Learning

Your child’s learning does not end when they venture outdoors, as our learning environment extends further in the great outdoors. The children have opportunities to explore and investigate our outdoor area using magnifying glasses to look for mini beasts or make a delicious mud pie in our mud kitchen. The children can be creative and use their imagination to make dens or be a character of their own choice. Many of our activities we plan are taken outdoors and we like to venture outdoors in all weather, as this allows the children to have knowledge regarding seasons and weather.

Children enjoy the freedom and the space that the outdoor provides, enabling them to use their gross motor skills.

Our Fee Structure

0-2 years

Full day - £38.00
AM session - £25.00 (8-1)
PM session - £24.00 (1-6)

3-5 Years

Full day - £36.00
AM session - £24.00 (8-1)
PM session - £23.00 (1-6)

Midday sessions - £25.00
Times for midday sessions 9-2 and 10-3